Trust us

Each original signed item in our shop comes with our West Side Autographs COA (Certificate of Authenticity) or a COA PSA / JSA, this is your guarantee that what you buy is 100% the real deal.
We work every day for the full 100% to deliver authentic memorabilia for you.
On both the item and the certificate is always our personal West Side Autographs tamper proof hologram sticker.
This hologram sticker is designed by us and produced by a professional specialized company.
These stickers are not removable. When someone tries to remove this sticker, the stickers destroys itself. This protects both the item and the certificate against copies.
We try to provide photo of video evidence with our own signed memorabilia.
Unfortunately, however, this is not always possible.
If these kind of pictures are available, they appear with the signed item in our webshop.
Photo's of the item being signed will be delivered with the item. In the shop these pictures have a watermark to prevent copies. However, you will receive the original photo without watermark.