1.1.West Side Autographs provides a 100% money back guarantee on original autographed items with corresponding certificate. On both the item and the certificate there is a original WSA hologram sticker that must be present. This warranty is valid 14 days up to 365 days of receipt. At your request, we will refund your money after a written request to terminate the contract (within 365 days of purchase) with the condition that you provide an original PSA / DNA or JSA report (not a copy report or quick scan) that shows that the signature (s) unconditionally and without reservation is not authentic (are). PSA / DNA report stating that the item is likely (or words to that effect) is not authentic, is not unconditional and without reservation, so in that case we do not give a refund. The cost for letting preparing an original PSA / DNA or JSA report we will not refunded. The costs of storage and sending the item to PSA / DNA or JSA is not reimbursed and shall be at cost of the buyer. We accept no other reports, only PSA / DNA or JSA. We never give a refund that exceeds the original purchase price of the relevant Catawiki bill. 1.2 The standard warranty expires 365 days after purchase.

1.3 In an action by the buyer Article 1.1, he / she must agree to a number of conditions. First, the written request must be within the 365 days af purchase. Then the buyer should send us (West Side Autographs) the official PSA / DNA or JSA report (not a copy report or quick scan). This report is,after transfer ownership of West Side Autographs. This original report, the buyer shall, together with the original invoice, the original certificate with original hologram sticker WSA and the item with the original WSA hologram sticker (in the original condition and with all accessories) must be returned to West Side Autographs. If the buyer can not deliver one or more of these conditions, there will be no refund. 1.4 The certificate is transferable, warranty stops 365 days after purchase. Any refund shall never exceed the amount of the original invoice.

1.5 If an item of West Side Autographs is purchased through auction site Catawiki.nl and an external certificate is present, the conditions are the same as for a purchase under a West Side Autographs Certificate. You should in the case of specific questions, get in touch with the external provider. West Side Autographs will , whenever possible , make this contact information available . 1.6 For items that were not purchased through auction site Catawiki.nl but on eBay , marktplaats.nl or on request, there are different conditions . Please see our terms and conditions .